Automatically share your blog posts to Google+ on Blogger!

Automatically share your blog posts to Google+ on Blogger
Sharing the content you create online on your blog with your friends, family and followers is a great way to get the word going. And since word-of-mouth marketing is often considered to be the best marketing tactic, your content gets a lot more out-reach when your followers in-turn share your content on social media. It's crucial for growing your blog's audience and engagement. But often times, one does not have the time to manually open social media pages, and share a post. Keeping this in view, Google has added a new feature to blogger, which allows bloggers to automatically share their blog posts on Google Plus.

How to connect to Google Plus?

Integration is really easy. In the Blogger dashboard, you can see a gear icon at the top right of your dashboard. Click on that, and then click on Connect to Google+ (option available only if you haven't already connected your profile to Google+).

Alternatively, you can visit this link to start the switching process. It's all that simple!

Once you switch your account, your blog will be associated with your Google Plus profile. There'll be no 'loss' of data. Only, what was previously your Blogger profile, will now become part of your 
Google Plus profile, and all relevant data synchronized. It's pretty neat actually. Your Blogger profile will become inactive, and users will be redirected to your Google Plus profile. 

Once you switch over to the Google Plus profile, you have the option of reverting back to your old Blogger profile within 30 days, after which your Blogger profile will be deleted. And just like a single Blogger account was associated with all of your blogs, so will your Google Plus profile be connected with all of them. So you can't have different Google Plus profiles, unless you have different Google Accounts.

Blogger and Google+ Integration

If you have implemented the Google Plus Commenting System on your Blogger blog (which we strongly recommend that you do), your comments will be synced. So When a post gets automatically shared to your Google Plus profile, and when someone comments on it right on Google Plus, you will be able to see that comment on your blog post as well, which is a really cool feature, something which can really help you keep track of the conversation.

So, have you tried this out yet? What do you think of these features working in harmony to make life much, much easier for you? Leave your experiences and opinions in the comments section below. Don't forget to Share this Post to Your Friends.
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