Best SEO Tips To Boost Up Blogger Traffic


What is SEO

'SEO' is can define in many ways, simply is called positioning in search engines.  This is a method by which a search engine show results to its users.  Best seo can give high ranking in search results. Depends on many factors, including the seo onpage, backlinks, keywords etc. but in this posts I will share 10 tips blog blogger increase blog search range.  Later I will post everything about seo and its working methods. You are familiar with blogs then you can know about SEO, but if you run out, you need to know about search engine positioning of 

If called simply SEO before continuing.  This is a method that increases the difficulties of webmasters and give are features of that what is blog in words real.  Small business, especially those using blogger platform feel more problem.  If we compare to Wordpress blogger then our choice is wordpress because it is more effective as search engine positioning, and can much more traffic from search engines.  Blogger is also a good platform, but there are also many problems. 

I do not want WordPress in this article, only blogger is main topic, so to see what are the positive and negative points. 

Positive points: 

  • Unlimited space. 
  • Free subdomain
  • Very great security because is hosted on the server of Google for that is almost impossible of hack. 
  • Many sites offer beautiful and sensitive free blogger Theme

Negative points: 

  • Bad SEO. 
  • No access to the directory root. 
  • All work is manually by HTML code, there are no plugins like wordpress. 
  • So up where some points.  Now the main negative point is SEO evil to each attempt to imporove. Then I write 10 points that are necessary for search engine positioning.  Simply follow the instructions:

Tip: Use the keyword tool Google

Before continuing with 10 points on seo, I recommend that you review the keyword tool from Google and learn how it works. Look 'Tools Google keyword' and log in with your Gmail account. Simply put the required information and give results. Now select the keywords that are low in competition but have good search visitors and use them in the title, description and content of your website. This will help grow fast.
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